The Azmira Story

It is said that things are changed either by inspiration or desperation … in our case, it’s been a little bit of both!

When Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D. founded Azmira Holistic Animal Care® in 1982, very little was known about natural health care for pets. Concerned about her own pets’ health problems, she found few answers through traditional avenues, so she drew upon her education in human nutrition, homeopathy, and alternative care, and set out to research and develop safe, effective programs for all pets. The information that she gathered soon became of great interest to others and proved to be effective.

During Dr. Newman’s initial research, she was shocked not only by the lack of quality in existing products, but by the lack of all-natural pet supplement products in the marketplace altogether. These findings, coupled with the overwhelming sense of betrayal she felt by national products that fell short of their advertising claims, led Dr. Newman to create her own product line in 1988.

Azmira Holistic Animal Care® is one of the very few companies whose products are formulated by an experienced natural products researcher, not just a “marketing”, “ingredient”, or “money” person solely concerned at the end of the day with profits. As a result, the products that Dr. Newman formulated continue to address many health and behavioral issues when other alternative or traditional medical approaches have failed.

In 1991, Dr. Newman was joined by Marcy Merin. As a former client, Marcy had witnessed such a health improvement in her own dogs that she wanted to share in the growth of the company so that many more animal caregivers could benefit as much as she had. Together, with the help of an exceptional staff, an in-depth understanding of how nature works for pets, years of documented professional experience, adhering to high ethical standards and truthful promotions, they have grown from pioneers to leaders in this exciting field.