We may have mentioned this once or twice already, but it bears repeating: We take a lot of pride in the products that we manufacture and sell — we genuinely believe in our products and their ability to maintain your pet’s health. Are we biased? We don’t think so. Take a look at some of the reviews that our customers have shared with us throughout the years about our products and you’ll see that we’re not just “tooting our own horn”.

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"I have been using Azmira products to help my rescued greyhounds for over twenty years and have always been given the right advice, until now. This time I have been given the greatest advice yet, which was to try a bag of their new turkey kibble called 'Rustic Feast'. It sure did cause a stir in my household as all three of my girls, including Gal, my 12 y/o FINICKY, arthritic queen, gobbled down every single bite with great delight. I couldn't believe how much more they liked it than the "top quality, no grain, brand-name natural diet" my vet convinced me to switch to a few years ago.

Within a couple of days, their stools improved (I also have rescued Red and Mama, both 10 y/o), their energy was up ... well, they got off the couch and played ... and played, even Gal got into it! I am so impressed. I don't know why I stopped using the Azmira foods, they had always done right by my dogs. I can tell you, with what I've seen now in six months of using Rustic Feast, that I promised my precious dogs that I would never, ever give up Azmira pet foods again.

BTW, I love me that Yucca Intensive! I know it's the reason Gal has made it to 12 y/o. She was dying from Prednisone injections three years ago when I rescued her, still crippled up from the track, and within a few days of starting the Yucca drops she was off the steroids and moving pain-free. After six months of the LifeStyle approach, she had clean liver and kidney function tests. Thank you SOOO much for all you do!"

Mary King (Tucson, AZ)
Former Kennel Manager for the largest Greyhound Rescue Organization in Southern Arizona

"I have been using your products since 1993. I was using it for my two shelties and my horse. I think the products prolonged my dog's life and made their lives much better. My horse is still on the yucca drops. He came from a race track in California. He is now 23 years old and he looks great. Now my new dog is going to be on the yucca and the msm. She has some joint issues as she grew too fast. Thanks for the great products."

D. Warner (Tucson, AZ)

"Just wanted to say that we have used garlic powder on our dog, horse, pig foods twice a day for over 30 years and had no adverse effects from it. We don't have flea, tick, heartworm problems with the dogs. The fly problem has cut down tremendously with the addition of garlic powder to the equine and pig feed twice a day. It has also helped to cut down on infection amongst all animals. It seems to boost their immunity, wounds heal quicker and infect less. Yet with all that we've seen and experienced with garlic, we've never had a vet agree with us or admit that it works."

Cougar Martin, Snakes N' Critters Animal Sanctuary (Tucson, AZ)

"She has dedicated her life to helping you care for your animal companions­ – we can all benefit from her years of experience. We are living in a time of great change, especially in the realm of health care. As a practicing veterinarian for more than two decades, I have witnessed both myself and my clients begin to seek less invasive, more natural methods for healing our dogs and cats. Dr. Newman will show you the way so that you can be empowered as a healer."

Deborah C. Mallu, DVM, CVA (Flagstaff, AZ)

"I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Newman on several problem cases that were not responding to standard medical treatment. Many of these cases responded favorably with the addition of Dr. Newman’s holistic care. This success has stimulated my interest in holistic medicine."

LuAnn Groves, DVM (San Marcos, TX)

"With never less than 1,500 animals to care for, it is such a blessing to be able to consult with you on some of our more difficult cases that are not responding to a traditional approach. Your remedies are truly miraculous."

Estelle Munro, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (Kanab, UT)

"After three years of antibiotic and steroid use to suppress terrible skin outbreaks that resulted in staph infections, thousands of dollars spent on testing, veterinary care, supplements and diet changes, and very little to show for it, we finally found the Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle® and Azmira®.

Not only has your staff been the most supportive and informed we've ever dealt with, your products have worked quickly! The results we saw within the first month were impressive, but now, six months later, we have a new dog and the cycle of problems has been broken. I never thought this would be so easy, but your help made it so."

Carnie Green (Charlotte, NC)

"Within a month, my cat went from being on death’s door to returning to her normal healthy playfulness. The transformation I have witnessed is truly a miracle. I could not have done it without the support and knowledge provided by (Dr. Newman) and without the products you carry."

Penelope Gedeon (Tucson, AZ)

"Yesterday I bought a bottle of 'Rejuva Spray' as it was recommended for a small hot spot my Golden Retriever has on her left back foot. I have used it 8 times since yesterday and am amazed at how well this stuff works! This is great stuff and I plan to buy a bigger bottle to keep on hand. Thanks for such a great, natural product."

Kathy Peck (Burley, WA)

"During my shepherd’s recovery from a car accident, his kidneys began to fail. Our veterinarian suspected it was triggered by weeks of high dose corticosteroids and Phenobarbital administered to control brain inflammation, which was resulting in seizures. Although the seizures had not subsided much, occurring sometimes 20 times per day, we had several other negative side-effects such as weight gain and lack of coordination.

Initially I called (Dr. Newman) to help with the kidneys, and appreciated the (kidney-specific) supplement which helped him void normally again within a day. The most amazing thing though was, within three days of starting on (Step Two plus Step Three's anti-inflammatory and brain function supplements) there was a noticeable reduction in his seizure activity, so we discontinued all the other medication and within another few days he was eating on his own, moving about the house again and practically seizure free! Thanks for saving his life."

John and Pat Roscott (Long Island, NY)

"I have a miniature dachshund named Lucy, she was unable to move from the waist down (three herniated discs). I took her to a specialist who wanted to do immediate surgery to the tune of $2000.00, no guarantees. He put her on prednisone and she stayed on it for eight weeks with no results.

After using Azmira® products for one week with Dr. Newman's paralysis protocol ... at nine weeks with no prior movement or results, she started walking, and now, she’s running! Thank you so much!"

Brenda De Souzh (Tucson, AZ)

"Our cat, Pretty Boy, was diagnosed with skin cancer in October 2000. The vet that found the cancer said it was a fairly aggressive type and there was really nothing we could do for him. He told us to take our cat home, make him comfortable and we probably had 6 months to possibly a year left with our cat.

(Started Dr. Newman's cancer protocol) Since that time, we have changed his routine a little bit (Step Three) by adding or subtracting different types of (Azmira®'s nutritional, herbal and homeopathic remedies), but I have never taken him off the Azmira® pet food – that was three years ago. Pretty Boy today appears to be a healthy and happy cat. He has not lost any of his 18 pounds and his personality has not been altered."

Kimberley Young (Tucson, AZ)

"Eighteen months ago I contacted Dr. Newman because my Bichon, Buttons, had suffered from bladder stones. The stones had been passed through a very painful and lengthy process administered by a veterinarian. Although the stones no longer existed, Buttons was still in tremendous pain and was passing blood in her urine. The vet's "cure" was to keep her on a prescription diet, which she had been on for years, and take an x-ray every six months to see if new stones had developed. He was baffled by the pain she was experiencing and stated that the blood in her urine was due to cystitis, something she would have to take drugs for the rest of her life.

With your help in developing a nutritional diet, supplements and remedies for Buttons she is now completely recovered. Her energy is incredible and she is more alert and happier than she has ever been.

Dusty, our poodle, had suffered from allergies for years. In June of 1992, I called upon Dr. Newman again to correct this situation. With your help, Dusty is now free of allergies, his energy level is high, and he feels great! The cost of your service, including supplements, remedies, and vitamins runs a little less over a year's period than we were spending buying prescription diets from the vet and the prescription diets didn’t help their problems. Your advice and nutritional expertise are well worth it. Had we continued with the veterinary services for the above problems with both dogs the cost would have been tremendous AND the vet was unable to make any difference in the general health of our babies. I strongly recommend your services and products to anyone wishing a healthier, happier life for their friends."

Charly Ritcheson (Scottsdale, AZ)

"My Boxer puppy was diagnosed with H.O.D. I was skeptical at first that these (Azmira®) products would work, but he is running around like a puppy again – not bad considering the vet thought he would have to put him to sleep."

Gayann Jones (Tucson, AZ)

"My ferret Swoopy was diagnosed with an adrenal problem 6 months ago and was losing the fur on his tail and belly. I began using Dr. Newman's adrenal protocol and Azmira® products ... now Swoopy's fur is growing back and thicker and darker than before – he has also gained weight and is doing much better than before."

Lisa Needham (Tucson, AZ)

"I called Dr. Lisa Newman, a holistic animal care practitioner, when my regular vet told me nothing could be done to help my cat and that the best course of action was to just watch him closely and when the time came when he could no longer function to let him die in peace. My cat is an older neutered male who was suffering from severe kidney issues -- one was enlarged and not functioning at all; the other one was just starting to fail.

The end result of her care with Dr. Newman’s protocols is a contented cat well on his way to recovery and a long, quality rich life. Just several months into his protocol, his coat looks soft and healthy rather than lifeless and dull. His energy level seems limitless, and he runs and plays as he hasn't done for a long time.

I shall forever be grateful to Dr. Lisa Newman for restoring my cat to health and giving him the opportunity to enjoy his "golden" years."

Helen Weber (Tucson, AZ)

"I think in today's world, the good things of carefully prepared products such as your own must be well explained so that the people should know the ingredients, preparation, etc."

Stefanie Powers, Actress (London, UK)

"Thank you for being so attentive to my questions. Azmira® was the only one to respond so readily and happily to my questions - the three other major natural pet food companies I contacted have not. This means you have a sincerely dedicated serious line to answering customer or future customer questions.

I am happy to know you have a very qualified owner (Dr. Newman) to advise and oversee your line of pet foods and products. Thanks."

Cathy Baderick (via E-mail)

"My other female German Shepherd has allergies to so many things that I would need a ream of paper to list them all. Thanks to Dr. Newman's Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle® and Azmira® products, she has never had to take any kind of drugs to keep her allergies in check. I am proud of the fact that she is four years old now and has never had to go on steroids. Her coat is so soft and beautiful that the vets find it hard to believe she has any problems at all. All my sheps have coats that are so soft ... I am always asked what I do to get them that way."

Lynn Eastman (Tucson, AZ)

"After seven months of spraying, our vet informed us that no medical problem existed and our cat suffered from a learned behavioral problem that could not be helped. After adjusting his diet and supplementing him as Dr. Newman recommended, we also used your homeopathic spraying formula. It took a while at first, but now it has been almost two months and he hasn't sprayed for three weeks! Also, his attitude is so much better than it ever was, he doesn't seem so intense anymore."

James McFarland (San Francisco, CA)

"Sammy was diagnosed with tick fever, his titer was at the highest level possible. We spent the next eighteen months giving Sammy one antibiotic after another prescribed by the veterinarian, with no results. He was still sick, with the highest titer count possible.

The regimen you put Sammy on was effective and after seven weeks, his tick fever report came back negative. He was cured!!"

Tom and Kathern Johnson (Tucson, AZ)

"I was treating four cats for chronic viral infections, three of the four had been on Cephalexin (medication). If I stopped the Cephalexin, they would be so sick I would have to put them on a stronger antibiotic. I put them on Dr. Newman's viral protocol and Azmira® products and it has been three months since they have been off all antibiotics. Presently, all of the pets housed in this no-kill shelter receive Azmira® products.

The most remarkable results are by a seven year old German Shepard named Nitro. After going through emergency surgery in June 1996, he had his spleen and a portion of his stomach removed. He was diagnosed a month later with a deteriorating spinal disorder. By December 1996, we contemplated euthanization because he could barely walk. I put him on Dr. Newman’s anti-inflammatory and tissue repair protocol and Azmira® products - all sores are healed and his hair has grown back. He can run, play and gets into trouble just like he used to.

Thanks to your wonderful products, these animals are now living a much healthier and happier life."

Melanie Friedman (Burlington, WI)

"Angie is not your typical German Shepherd. I have raised GSD dogs for thirty years and have never seen one as hyper as this girl. When she gets real excited there is no getting through to her. It's as if she tunes the whole world out except for the object of her excitement.

I have worked with vets, both holistic and traditional. We have been to behaviorists and have tried everything I could think of with no results. While reading a book on amino acids, I came across the description of l-Tryptophan and read what it has done for humans with personality disorders. I ordered your L-TryptoPet and I must tell you that your products have worked wonders for my dogs again."

Lynn Eastman (Tucson, AZ)

"Just a quick note to let you know about the marvelous news I got from the vet about Saavik. I took her to the vet this past week and as a safety measure I had a blood profile done on her. Well, the vet called me up yesterday and in a somewhat astounded voice told me that Saavik has the blood work he would expect to see in a dog 5 years old!!! Saavik will be 14 years old next month.

Last year Saavik had the normal readings a dog her age should have, however she also had only just started getting Dr. Newman's recommended Azmira® products. What is great is that Saavik had been exclusively on the Azmira® dry and canned food two months prior to the blood work. Yes, I have stopped making her dog food for her, as an experiment to see how long she could go without it. So far, so wonderful!!!

To have Saavik finally doing so well makes all the effort we have put in her worth it all. The rest of my motley crew is doing fine, they are so healthy, it’s boring! With having your food to eat, I’ve no doubt that they will outlive me!"

Juanita Alvarez (Tucson, AZ)

"One of our cats is 14 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes about 4.5 years ago, the diagnosis was a little late and his diabetes was discovered when his hind legs would not support his weight. He eventually lost one eye and the other started to look cloudy, then I found Azmira® on the web, we put all the cats on Azmira®, and after a few months we noticed that Merry’s eye – that was cloudy before – was now clear, bright and very healthy looking, his coat was silky and he was more alert and sociable.

The veterinarian is surprised that he is doing so well after several years of being diabetic, he takes insulin daily but we feel the real reason for his comeback and general good health is the diet."

David Brillo (Tucson, AZ)