Rejuva Spray

Rejuva Spray


This product contains a proprietary blend of Sterile Water, Witch Hazel, Yucca Root Extract, Calendula Flowers Extract, Goldenseal Root Extract, and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Available Sizes:

Standard Size(s): 2oz and 8oz (white plastic bottle w/ spray-top lid)
Special Order Size(s): 32oz (white plastic bottle w/ flip-top lid) and 128oz (white plastic bottle w/ screw-on lid)

NOTE: Since most of our resellers do not regularly maintain stock of our Special Order Sizes, you may have to order these directly from us; however, please ask your local reseller first as they may be able to order our Special Order Sizes from us on your behalf.

Usage Directions:

Clean area well before applying and allow to air dry before application if possible. Shake well before and during each use. Hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches from your pet's wound (e.g., cut, scrape, hot spot, etc.) and spray directly on it, ensuring even and liberal coverage. Repeat two or more times per day as needed.


Results may vary according to animal's diet and lifestyle. These products are not to be used in lieu of, but as a support to, proper veterinary care.

“Yesterday I bought a bottle of ‘Rejuva Spray’ as it was recommended for a small hot spot my Golden Retriever has on her left back foot. I have used it 8 times since yesterday and am amazed at how well this stuff works! This is great stuff and I plan to buy a bigger bottle to keep on hand. Thanks for such a great, natural product.” -Kathy Peck (Burley, WA – From our Reviews Page)