10 Products for Your Pudgy Pet (Part 1)

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Many of us are familiar with the dilemma of “I’ve tried dieting and exercise, but I still can’t lose the weight” either with ourselves or someone we know. Pets can face the same challenges — sometimes reducing the kibble and exercising more just doesn’t always do the trick. Why not? It’s not like they face the same temptations we face or have to exercise their willpower along with their bodies.

There are a multitude of factors contributing to weight issues and each pet has a unique combination culminating in an expanding waistline. One dog may be overweight due to a faulty thyroid gland and another may have liver issues that makes him portly. Or maybe it’s an irritable bowel in a cat that leads to malnutrition and obesity as the body struggles to absorb nutrients through a damaged digestive tract and holds on to all the fat it can. Still others have struggled with starvation in the past which leads to compulsive eating.

The list could go on and on, but one thing that is clear is that an overweight pet is at risk for far more serious health issues if the imbalance is allowed to continue. Just as it is with ourselves, it’s never too late to start, and any weight-loss program has a better chance of success with the support of friends and family. That much we know, however, picking the right products to help them lose weight can be harder.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can support your pet with specific products suited to their special needs.

  1. D’Toxifier: There is often such an excess of fat in our modern world that we forget it is essential to good health. It really is!  It plays many vital roles in protecting and fueling cellular activities. It also seems to be an easy place to store stuff. Essential vitamins like A, D, E, and K are only absorbed and stored  if there is fat present. It also serves to store harmful toxins the body wants to take out of circulation to reduce their harmful effects. For some pets, particularly those chronically exposed to preservatives and chemicals, the amount of toxins is substantial enough to warrant inhibiting fat cell breakdown to prevent an onslaught of toxins.  For all pets, weight-loss increases the workload of the detoxifying organs, specifically the liver, kidneys, and skin. Azmira Holistic Animal Care’s homeopathic D’Toxifier gently supports those organs so that they can handle the workload. It also improves the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients so that those with digestive issues are better able to use the nutrients provided. Using Azmira’s homeopathic D’Toxifier every day for 2 weeks and then once a week after that can greatly assist any weight-loss program.
  2. NaturFiber: One of the most frustrating experiences customers report is purchasing expensive weight-loss food that their pet loathes and doesn’t work! One of the reasons for this is cheap non-nutritive fillers: soybean hulls, “cellulose” (which can contain old newspapers, cardboard, and sawdust), and chicken feathers are just some of the poor-quality fillers that can appear in seemingly high quality weight-loss foods. And it does make sense, initially. Make the pet feel full while reducing calorie content. Since pets can certainly feel deprived when they experience a significant reduction in portion size the theory makes sense. But a better option is a quality fiber blend that also contains probiotics and immune-boosting mushrooms.  It also aids in proper stool formation, which can be helpful for reducing fecal matter build-up in the intestines. Azmira Holistic Animal Care’s NaturFiber is also an excellent resource for pets that can benefit from increased fiber but have grain sensitivities.  For the pet dealing with past starvation complications, IBS symptoms, or blood sugar regulation, the NaturFiber is a great choice.
  3. Herbal Wormer: Here’s the deal — not all poop is created equal. Chemical- and preservative-laden poop tends to harden and stick to intestinal walls, inhibiting nutrient assimilation and misleading the body into overeating to compensate for missing nutrients. In fact, it can get so bad that pets can starve even as they eat and poop every day. Pets that have been fed poor quality food for years are more likely to experience a spectrum of digestive and health issues directly related to the quality of their poop. Azmira Holistic Animal Care’s Herbal Wormer, when used as a dewormer, encourages elimination of intestinal contents — all contents, not just worms — which is why fasting or reducing food intake the day before is helpful. In short, Herbal Wormer has a laxative effect which, by eliminating old built up fecal matter, can make weight loss easier. It should not be used any more frequently than every 2 weeks, ideally every 6 weeks for weight-loss and every 6 months for worming purposes.
  4. Mega Pet Daily: Providing the body with essential nutrients is, well … essential, particularly when you are reducing calorie content. Providing your pet with the fuel it needs to thrive will go a long way in supporting the arduous, stressful process known as weight loss. Using a multivitamin mineral with therapeutic levels like Azmira Holistic Animal Care’s Mega Pet Daily can do so much more than just prevent deficiencies. And really, who has ever liked getting by on the bare minimum?  Pets that have been chronically exposed to chemicals can especially benefit from the increase in nutrients needed to metabolize and eliminate those chemicals.
  5. Super C 2000: If there is a vitamin superstar, Vitamin C is it. Involved in so many cellular processes, it’s no wonder that it would be useful in supporting weight loss. As you may have gathered, one of the facets of weight loss is the burden incurred in flushing years of stored toxins from the body. Vitamin C has earned its’ superstar reputation, in part, by keeping the bladder and kidneys flushed to prevent bacterial growth, but it also helps to flush toxins from the body. Add in the fact that it is critical in repairing connective tissues (particularly useful for pets with concurrent joint issues made worse by their obesity) and boosting immunity and there’s no reason to not add Azmira Holistic Animal Care’s Super C 2000 to your pet’s weight-loss program.

Hopefully you feel a little more confident about beginning to select the right combination of Azmira Holistic Animal Care products for your pudgy pet. Please be sure to read Part 2 of this blog series here.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the products listed in this post, we are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today with your questions or concerns. 

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