10 Products for Your Pudgy Pet (Part 2)

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Welcome to the 2nd, and final, part of the ’10 Products for Your Pudgy Pet’ blog post series. In Part 1 of this series, we introduced you to 5 really great products to help you help your pet lose some of that extra weight they might be carrying around. Today we’re going to round out that list with 5 more products that we suggest you add to your arsenal to fight the battle of the pet bulge.

  1. Garlic Daily Aid: Weight loss depends on a healthy digestive system and wouldn’t you know it, garlic has a long history as a digestive aid. But it does more than that — garlic is also helpful in regulating the way cholesterol is managed and created and serves to “heat” the body so that it operates more efficiently. It also is an antioxidant and natural antibiotic that promotes healthy intestinal flora; we don’t need to discuss the merits of a healthy digestive system in producing quality poop again, do we? No, didn’t think so. For pets dealing with high cholesterol, heart issues, or are at risk of experiencing a first or reoccurrence of a stroke, our Garlic Daily Aid can be vital support, even if your pet isn’t overweight.
  2. Stress & Adrenal Plex: For pets with hypoactive (slow) thyroid or other adrenal concerns, weight loss can be especially challenging. The adrenals, along with the endocrine and exocrine systems, act as the body’s gas pedal, in a fashion. In under-producing or over-producing hormones, it can determine whether too many or too few or just the right amount of resources are stored by the body. And, since fat is the “gotta have it” resource of the body, it’s easy to see why adrenal issues can work against any normal attempts at weight loss. Your pet doesn’t have to be overweight to benefit from our Stress & Adrenal Plex if they suffer from adrenal issues, but if they are, it can prove critical in helping them lose weight and restore a healthy balance.
  3. Skin & Liv-A-Plex: If the adrenals are the regulators of the body’s resources, then the liver is its biggest consumer of the most expensive nutrient. You guessed it: fat! Followed closely by our second favorite nutrient, sugar! The liver isn’t some out of control fat and sugar junkie, but rather an important transformer. The liver is intricately involved in the processing, transformation, and regulation of dietary fat and sugar and an unhealthy liver will greatly affect your pet’s weight. This is doubly important for diabetic pets. Diabetes is often thought as stemming from the pancreas exclusively, but new research indicates the liver plays just as big of role in development of lifestyle related diabetes. This is good news as the liver can often mend its ways if given support. While Milk Thistle can help significantly, our Skin & Liva Plex supports it more thoroughly by not only preventing uptake of toxins (that’s Milk Thistle’s contribution), but also by supporting the elimination of those toxins. It’s a subtle distinction but it makes a big difference in improving liver health and fat/sugar metabolism.
  4. L-Phenypet: Raise your hand if you eat when you’re bored. Or sad. If they could read or if you are being a good pet parent and reading this out loud, then I bet there would have been a lot of little paws shooting in the air! Depression is an affliction we share with our furry children, along with anxiety and obsessive disorders. The causes can be rooted together as well in that chronic pain can compound depression and depression can compound pain. And the physics don’t change just because they’re covered in fur. Extra weight contributes to extra wear and tear and increases inflammatory pain. Our L-Phenypet is the essential amino acid l-phenylalanine, an amino acid that happens to cross the blood/brain barrier and is involved in the pain response and production of dopamines. Dopamines are the feel good hormones produced in the brain and are important in regulating mood. It also can fill the same pain receptors as opiates without the side effects. So it’s the ultimate double whammy — pain control and mood stabilizer. But, wait! There’s more! L-phenylalanine is also involved in regulating appetite! Sometimes the brain just keeps pumping out the hormone responsible for telling pets to eat because it’s not receiving the signal (the hormone cholecystokinin) that there are plenty of nutrients floating around; l-phenylalanine makes it easier for those signals to be produced and received. So for the depressed, arthritic, overweight pet, L-Phenypet can provide just the edge they need to experience a huge improvement in quality of life.
  5. Herbal Slim: You would think with a name like Herbal Slim, this would have been the first product we mentioned and would be our best-selling weight-loss product. Well, you would be wrong. As there are so many contributing factors and concurrent conditions in overweight pets, your pet’s health is best served by taking care of the fundamentals first. Make sure quality, chemical-free food is fed. Address the basic needs of the body with the D’Toxifier, Mega Pet Daily, Super C 2000, and Garlic Daily Aid. Address the unique factors contributing to their weight gain, both the physical and emotional ones. Most likely you’ll see your pets’ health and weight return to balance and you’ll have a pet living a happier life. But, there is a time to use Herbal Slim or we wouldn’t offer it! For severely obese pets, facing a health crisis related to their obesity (breathing problems, joint issues, too obese for procedures, organ failure, etc.), Herbal Slim should absolutely be used — as we’ve learned, a major contributing factor to pet obesity is toxicity and assisting the body in eliminating those toxins will help the pet lose weight faster than just reducing calories and exercise.

Hopefully you feel a more confident now about selecting the right combination of Azmira Holistic Animal Care products for your pudgy pet. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the products listed in this post series, please don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re here to help!

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